Research Blog – [Documentation]

Here is where I’ll post documentation from the various projects I’m working with as this two-year study progresses:

Abelseth/McCormick: improvising saxophone/laptop duo

Among Us: dance performance involving buffer playback and manipulation, algorithmic synthesis, real-time processing of flute and harp (6 channels)E

EIDOLON: interactive improvising SuperCollider program

Emil Brattested: duo with pedal-steel guitar playing composed and improvised material

Fennel: augmenting the “acoustic” nature of this quartet through modest processing

Monsters For Breakfast: improvising vocal duo augmented by laptop

Monsters For Breakfast w/ João Pais Filipe: improvising vocal duo augmented by laptop and percussion

Nord+Mix Quartet: improvisations with soprano flute, alto flute, and viola; rehearsed in stereo, performed in 3rd Order Ambisonics during Nord+Mix workshop in Vilnius

pyramidg: algorithmic acousmatic composition

Quintet: improvising ensemble working with semi-composed material

Thea Soti: improvising voice/laptop duo; Thea is working with hardware electronics

Trio w/ Tove Bagge & Guostė Tamulynaitė: improvisations with prepared piano, synthesizer, and viola

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