I can strongly recommend First Frost to anyone who enjoys a bizarre sense of humour and all-embracing compositions. The trio would certainly be worth seeing live. – Tomáš Procházka, HIS Voice

After meeting in the fall of 2015, the members of BRINICLE quickly discovered their common interests in the energy and dynamism expressed by avant-garde improvisers and the exciting instrumental colours suggested by post-rockers, and began to make music that meets somewhere in the middle.

BRINICLE is an Oslo-based improvising trio comprised of Mike McCormick (CAN) on electric guitar, Håkon Norby Bjørgo (NOR) on upright bass, and Michaela Antalová (SVK) on drum kit and percussion. All highly dynamic and thoughtful instrumentalists, their performances can be unabashedly chaotic, introspectively calm, and anywhere in between.

In the last three years, they have played concerts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Switzerland and their debut recording “First Frost” was released in May 2018 on Creative Sources Recordings.


BRINICLE on SoundCloud