The Chewing Surface

Photo by Lauren Desberg

After meeting in the summer of 2017 at the International Jazz Workshop in Siena, Italy, the members of The Chewing Surface ​quickly discovered their common passion for innovative approaches to music-making and collaborated intensely during their two weeks together. In the year following their first meeting, this shared passion brought them together from three corners of the globe (Argentina, the United States, and Norway) so that they could further develop their artistic bond.

Drawing on their individual backgrounds in various Western notated and improvised music traditions, the musicians of The Chewing Surface ​work with material that explores sophisticated rhythmic structures, frames evocative texts, and utilizes the full expressive ranges of their instruments.

The streamlined setting of voice, electric guitar, and drum kit allows for intimate and nuanced interaction between the members of The Chewing Surface as they navigate intricate compositions and collective improvisations, discovering fresh and inventive musical spaces along the way.

Isabel Crespo (CRI/USA) – voice
Mike McCormick (CAN/NOR) – electric guitar
Federico Isasti (ARG) – drum kit, percussion